Monday, May 12, 2014

Using QR Codes to Access Images During Blogging!!

Each week I have the pleasure of visiting Mrs. Doetch's first grade class to assist with blogging.  These students have come a long way in their blogging skills.  For the first couple of times, we had the student's focus solely on adding text to their blogs.  Recently, we have decided that the students are ready to add digital media, such as images to enhance their writing.  One struggle that we face is that we only have 1 hour.  We don't have time for them to search for their own images, as this block of time needs to be heavily devoted to writing.  So, how do you assist several 1st grade students in getting images that can enhance the communication of their writing in a short amount of time?  The answer is use QR codes!

 So, here is an overview of the steps that we did to prepare the images: 

Step 1) Download the digital images that students are used to seeing (from anchor charts, etc.) into a Google doc.

 Step 2) Make the Google doc shared for "anyone with the link"

 Step 3) Use the a URL shortener/ QR creator to make a QR code.  This is the shortener available in the Chrome store.

Step 4) Print out the QR codes and give them to the students during blog time.

 Step 5) Train students how to use a QR scan/ reader to access the images.

 Once the students access the Google doc with all the images, you may have to choose > open in Safari in order to save them to the camera roll. You need to demonstrate and model this skill for the students. This is also a great opportunity to talk about digital citizenship with your students. Make sure that you cite your image sources and teach the students to do the same when they use the images on their blog. Using this process will streamline the blogging process, especially for younger audiences who are learning to blog.

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