Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Collaborate & Annotate in PDFs with Notable

I am a huge fan of using Google docs for collaborative work including reading and writing activities. I have often wished that I could get the same functionality for PDFs.  Enter, Notable.  Notable PDF is a Chrome browser extension tool.  I believe it also works on other browsers with a web app.  I am a huge Chrome fan, so that is what I used.

Once installed, you can easily view any PDF and annotate it.  Even more impressive, you can share out your uploaded PDFs with groups to allow for collaborative annotation.  Imagine the possibilities!  For educators, this can mean collaborative discussions around reading material, or groups annotating during a close read.  What's more, your collaborators have the option of signing in, or they can skip the sign in step and log-in as a guest.  I have used both, and when using guest I have simply asked my collaborators to add comments with their first name.

In addition to collaborative reading and discussions, you can easily use this as an assessment and feedback tool.  Great way for students to get feedback from teachers or peers.

How to get started?   Head on over to their website:  They have a great tutorial video and instructions to help you get started.  Once you load the extension, it is really self-explanatory- the tool walks you through step by step.

Here is a sneak peak at what the tools look like once you have uploaded your PDF.  In this example, I have pointed out the comment bubble.  As a teacher, you could use the comment bubble to post reading prompts or questions.  Students can simply click "reply" to the comment for a threaded type discussion in the PDF.

When it is all done, you have the option to save to Google Drive, or export (with or without the annotation layer).

Try it!! You will not be disappointed!

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