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  1. Hi Sara! I am contacting you because you are a passionate educator enthusiastic about the marriage of technology and education.

    My name is Jen and I am a finalist in Nevada business competition Project Vesto, have you heard of it? We tied for 1st in the initial judging, but are now in an online popularity contest. You can see our campaign video and more information at

    We are the only educational contest in the running with our innovative language learning and literacy platform. We have the potential to impact millions of lives, if not change the way that teachers teach and students learn. We've received some support from, UNR's Latino Research Center, and the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages, but we need more support if we are to have a chance at winning.

    I'd love to chat more and see if you have any ideas of how to get out the vote, share support, and generally see this innovation in education that we've poured years of our lives into building come to light. I hope to hear from you! Please email me at or call 775-826-7767. I sincerely hope to hear from you!